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May 30th 2014: Sigma-Aldrich® to launch Austrianova’s Cell-in-a-Box® Kit for Research Use

Sigma-Aldrich Corporation (NASDAQ: SIAL), a leading Life Science and High Technology company recently named to the “Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World”, will shortly be releasing one of its latest research products for sale: a kit for hand-driven, self-encapsulation of cells which was designed by the Singapore based biotech company Austrianova and uses their proprietary Cell-in-a-Box® technology.

Austrianova conceptualized this novel approach for lab-scale encapsulation of any kind of living cells which is the first product of its kind to be available on the market. Brian Salmons, CEO of Austrianova commented, “The idea behind the kit was to leverage on the global distribution network of Sigma-Aldrich® to provide researchers and companies alike with the ability to undertake early stage tests at low cost and without the need for specialized equipment and training.”

John Dangerfield, COO of Austrianova, responsible for development of the kit with his team at Austrianova’s R&D facility in Singapore, added that, “The Sigma-Aldrich® Kit allows Cell-in-a-Box® technology to be used in the lab to look at cell viability, cellgrowth and release of biomolecules from the capsules as well as more practical aspects such as cryopreservation for storage and transport”.

Austrianova should be contacted directly concerning manufacturing for downstream preclinical and clinical applications.


Micro-encapsulation of living cells for immuno-protection and localization in patients

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