About Us

AUSTRIANOVA is a cutting edge Biotech company based in Singapore embracing leading world quality standards for the production of cell-based products.

Our Quality System is German made and data is stored in duplicate sites in Switzerland. Our equipment is custom made by leading German and US manufacturers. Our team is international and we converse and do business in English.

Our expertise and technologies are backed up by more than 50 international peer reviewed publications, as well as by contracts from leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

We are experts in Cell Biology, GMP-grade Cell Products and Encapsulation of Living Cells

What we offer

We offer a full service for cell-based products from conception, cloning, through generation and characterisation of cell lines, to production of material for pre-clinical and GMP production for clinical trials.

We offer all this at highly competitive prices and at international quality standards.

Why we can help you

Choose to engage us just for the services you require. If you are a virtual biotech company we can be your R&D arm - on the other hand if you require a specific service we can provide you with just that.

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