With Austrianova’s ‘Proof-of-Concept’ Encapsulation Service, you provide us with your cells or bacteria and within 2-4 months you will receive back your Cell-in-a-Box® or Bac-in-a-Box® product ready for further testing or use hence our motto, ‘Your cells, Our delivery’. Austrianova also has a fully functional molecular biology lab and on-site access to small and large animal facilities, so you may chose to let us undertake further development and testing of your encapsulated cell product after the initial proof of concept phase e.g. release of biomolecules, pre-clinical studies. Typically a Proof of Concept project would run as follows:

Further details to note about our Proof of Concept work flow:

We use the same media and plasticware as you

We document all steps and show that the cells behave the same under our care as in the original laboratory (this can be especially important for our stem cell customers)

The time it takes to expand the cells to a large enough quantity for encapsulation depends on the characteristics of your cells

Using our expertise and experience from many different cell types we will chose an encapsulation parameter to suit your cells

During “maturation” we closely monitor and record cell growth, viability and metabolic activity at regular intervals

The overall time of assessment will be dependent on your individual requirements and applications

The results from the encapsulation process and the monitoring phase will allow us to identify the optimal conditions; it may be necessary to do a second encapsulation to verify that the complete process has been optimized.

Further testing and development can be done at Austrianova OR we can ship the capsules back to you either at room temperature or frozen on dry ice for you to continue the work

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Proof of Concept

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