Yeast can be easily encapsulated using the Bac-in-a-Box® technology. The encapsulated yeast can be freeze dried and stored for long periods at ambient temperatures.

Encapsulated yeast rehydrates completely after freeze drying and can be added to various fermentation mixes. After fermentation is complete the encapsulated yeast can be easily removed from the mix.

Some yeast are probiotic, so encapsulation will protect these yeast from acid degradation after ingestion as they pass through the stomach en route to the small intestine.

Encapsulated yeast can be used for fermentation. Once fermentation has completed, the yeast inside the capsules can be easily removed.

Advantages encapsulation of yeast in Bac-in-a-Box:

  • Can be easily freeze dried, stored and transported
  • All at ambient temperatures
  • Rehydrates well after storage
  • Can be used for fermentation in capsules
  • The encapsulated yeast can easily be removed after fermentation

Yeast Encapsulation


Encapsulation of Yeast

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