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One of the most important and fastest expanding areas of molecular medicine is the use of therapeutic antibodies for targeted treatment of various diseases like cancer, autoimmune disorders, inflammatory and infectious diseases. These approaches make use of the body’s own immune system to eliminate cancerous cells from the body or interrupt disease mechanisms by blocking signal molecules and their receptors. Such therapies are highly specific and have great efficacy and minimal side effects. Cell-in-a-Box® technology takes immune therapy one step further and transfers the site of antibody production from the bioreactor straight into the patient’s body.

To demonstrate the use of Cell-in-a-Box® technology, we have for instance shown that encapsulated hybridoma cells can be implanted into mice where they continuously secrete an antibody that can rescue animals from an otherwise deadly viral infection, even when the encapsulated hybridoma cells are implanted 2 days after virus infection i.e. in a therapeutic rather than vaccine/preventive scenario.

Advantages of constant antibody production from encapsulated hybridomas, or cells genetically modified to make antibodies:

  • Avoids peaks and troughs of classical delivery
  • Thus better efficiency
  • Thus lower doses required
  • Thus less side effects/better safety profile
  • Thus reduced chance of anti-idiotypic response

Cell Encapsulation


Production of Antibodies

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