Cells4GMP is a CRO established by a group of international professionals who are experts at mammalian Master Cell Bank (MCB) and Working Cell Bank (WCB) production.

Our state of the art cGMP production facilities comply with international regulatory requirements and marry a Swiss/German quality assurance system with extensive technical and regulatory expertise to provide the support you need for efficient product development.

The hi-tech facility employs a custom-built multi-unit isolator that mimics the classical GMP clean room environments but allows a higher quality, reproducible product to be made through continuous online monitoring as well as physical isolation of the product at all times from the highly skilled operator.

Crucially, the higher quality final product is achieved at lower cost than that produced in a conventional GMP facility.

Cells4GMP has experience with a number of standard mammalian cells lines such as HEK293, CHO etc., as well as stem cells. Nevertheless, cells are grown to the clients specification and Cells4GMP consults with clients for their needs. MCBs and WCBs of up to 100 vials can be manufactured according to GMP which are cryopreserved for storage.

MCBs and WCBs are required for cell therapies such as stem cell therapies but also for the production of biotherapeutics such as monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins. Fully characterized cell lines and cell banks are a regulatory and quality prerequisite in all clinical development stages as well as for commercial use.

We will generate your Master Cell Bank and Working Cell Bank in our state-of-the art GMP isolator facility:

  • Working to international GMP
  • At a fraction of the cost of a conventional cleanroom setup
  • Under a rigorous Quality System
  • We can provide upstream cloning, cell line generation and characterization
  • We can provide comprehensive testing for adventitious agents

We provide fill and finish services for your cell based product in our state of the art GMP isolator facility:

  • Working to international GMP
  • Fraction of the cost of conventional cleanroom setups
  • Under a rigorous Quality System
  • Automatic filling into vials or syringes

GMP Cell Production

Master Cell Bank

Working Cell Bank

Cell Fill and Finish

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