What it does

The Cell-in-a-Box® technology, developed by Austrianova, is a means to protect, isolate, store and transport living cells.

Why it's unique

The Cell-in-a-Box® technology is based on a natural cotton derived polymer and is extremely well tolerated by the body allowing long term implantation and biological molecule secretion.

Why it works

The Cell-in-a-Box® technology builds a porous capsule round the cells, allowing free diffusion of nutrients in, and waste products out, and also allowing any biological molecules synthesized by the cells to escape.

What it can be used for

In healthcare, it facilitates the safe implantation of cells, holding them isolated from the immune system and allowing long term production of therapeutic molecules in patients.

In biotechnology, the Cell-in-a-Box® technology protects cells in bioreactors and fermenters, while at the same time simplifying purification of bioproducts produced from the cells and reducing production cost.

In logistics, it allows cells to be frozen, stored for long periods and easily shipped round the world

The technology also forms the basis of a powerful research tool.

What its made of

The company’s proprietary cell packaging material, Gel8, used for the Cell-in-a-Box® technology, is derived from a naturally occurring material and is thus harmless to the environment, biologically inert and has been shown to be safe in humans.

We will take your cells and encapsulate them in tiny microcapsules to:

  • Provide them with a microenvironment to grow in
  • Protect them from immune rejection on reimplantation
  • Fix them at the site of implantation
  • Allow secreted biomolecules to escape the capsule
  • Allow them to be removed if necessary
  • Provide a means to store and transport them

We offer a complete service from drawing board, through "in vitro" and pre-clinical, right up to clinical trial material:

  • Construction of expression plasmids (if necessary)
  • Generation of cell line (if necessary)
  • Characterization of cell line (if necessary)
  • R&D scale encapsulation and optimisation
  • Production of encapsulated cells for pre-clinical experiments
  • GMP production of clinical trial lots

Non-scientific explanation of encapsulation


Antibody Production

Stem Cells

Metabolic Diseases

Cytokine Production


Storage & Transport

Cell Encapsulation

Cell Line Development


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